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Woe Is She

Here’s a clip of an interview with Hillary Clinton that the Washington Post released today.  I sent this letter in response:

Let’s get this straight.
Hillary Clinton now complains that she’s a victim of sexism ("Sen.
Clinton Discusses ‘Sexist’ Treatment," video at Washingtonpost.com, May
20).  Forget that she graduated from Wellesley and Yale – that she
handily won two terms to the U.S. Senate – that she earned millions of
dollars during her adult lifetime – and, most relevantly in this case, that she gathered many more
Democratic primary votes than did John Edwards, Joe Biden, and other
middle-aged white guys running for this year’s Democratic nomination.

focus on this fact: If Mrs. Clinton’s failure to win her party’s
nomination is due to sexism, surely her claim that she’s the strongest
candidate to run against John McCain is mistaken on its face – unless
it’s the case that Democrats are more sexist than are American voters overall.

Donald J. Boudreaux