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More Kindling

Just finished my first book on the Kindle—The Other, by David Guterson—and thought I’d share a few more thoughts on the Kindle experience.

I really enjoyed reading an entire book. Looked forward to picking it up. Found it a pleasure to use. Loved using the search function when the author mentioned a character in passing after a 200 page absence and I couldn’t remember who the character was.

So far, there are only two things I don’t like about the Kindle. The first is that it’s another device in my life to keep charged. The list now includes computer, phone, camera, Kindle. But if you turn off the wireless, a charge on the Kindle lasts a very long time. As I am not using the Kindle for magazines or newspapers, I keep the wireless function off almost all of the time. The second is that you don’t know what page you’re on. There’s a "location" measure and there’s a visual representation at the bottom of the screen for how far along you are in the book. But it’s not quite as satisfying as a page number. As I got near the end of The Other, I found myself wanting to flip ahead to see how close I was to the end.