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Tyler for a Moment

The following is self-indulgent of me — for this isn’t my forte as it is Tyler’s — but Cafe patron Jeanne e-mailed me today to ask my “five favorite songs.”   I take the request to refer to modern vocal recordings.  Five is too few, so I’ll list my ten favorites — and even ten is quite a small number.  But, what the heck, here goes (in no particular order, save the first three):

1. Frank Sinatra, “The Way You Look Tonight”

2. The Beatles, “Please Please Me”

3. Ray Charles, “I Can’t Stop Loving You”

4. Patsy Cline, “I Fall to Pieces”

5. Hank Williams, Sr. “Mind Your Own Business”

6. Van Morrison, “Brown Eyed Girl”

7. Bruce Springsteen, “Thunder Road”

8. Dire Straits, “Walk of Life”

9. Queen, “Fat Bottom Girls”

10. 10,000 Maniacs, “Gun Shy”

And I’ll throw the following in gratis: the song that I’m most embarrassed to admit to liking is Sweet, “Little Willy” (but it’s nowhere close to being in my top ten, or even top 100).