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Humility, Schmumility

Here’s a letter that I sent a few days ago to the Tri-City (Washington) Herald:

Editor, Tri-City Herald

Dear Editor:

When I saw your headline “Obama Practices Humility Preached to Him” (August 24), I thought that the accompanying story must be a satire.  But then I read the story and discovered that you’re serious.

Get real.  No truly humble person – no person who understands the limits of his own intelligence and capacity – parades around posing as the first plural pronoun in the outrageously narcissistic chant “we are the change we have been waiting for.”  No one with genuine humility utters anything so cocksure as Mr. Obama’s promise to get one million 150-mpg cars on the road by 2015, or his vow to reduce Americans’ carbon emissions by 80 percent (!) by 2050.  Genuinely humble people don’t presume to know how much profit earned by private companies is “windfall” – and they certainly don’t formulate plans to confiscate such profits.

Indeed, no one within a light year of humility wants the kind of power and gaudy glory that Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain so desperately seek.

Donald J. Boudreaux


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