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On the Kindle and other gadgets

I have now read five entire books on the Kindle—The Other, Anna Karenina, SuperCapitalism, My Sister’s Keeper, and Complications—a mix of short fiction, long (OK, very long) fiction, and nonfiction. I read at the beach, in bed, and everywhere else. It’s a wonderful tool. I loved being in the middle of nowhere and being able to read a little Adam Smith alongside Anna Karenina. I loved having a mini-library with me. And I really like using the device. For a first generation product, it’s a home run. My only challenge was the ability to dip in here and there. Having skimmed a chapter of SuperCapitalism, I wanted to go back to it. With a book I would have just picked it up. I found myself resisting on the Kindle. So for linear reading, it’s phenomenal.

Then I find out about this. I want one just to see it work. It’s beautiful. Its impact on my productivity is probably small. But I want one anyway just to admire it. So cool. I’m going to resist for now but isn’t it a wonderful achievement?

The next twenty years are going to be so amazing.