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Money and Politics

Muirgeo, in a comment to this post, writes:

Separation of church and state is important (though slipping) and
likewise we’d do good to cast a law that keeps a wall between private
money and politicians. Until then we’ll continue along in a corporate
state that privatizes profits and socializes debt.

I understand the desire to let the markets be free but the markets
themselves have no such desire to be so. They love governmental access.
It needs to stop.

I totally agree. There are two ways to reduce the connection between politicians and money. One is to reduce the role of money. The other is to reduce the role of politicians. I choose the latter. I contend that reducing the role of money of politics in order to make politics more honest is like trying to make airplanes safer by reducing the role of gravity. Let’s get money out of politics by making politicians less powerful.