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Here’s a letter that I sent today to the New York Post:

Richard Epstein explains
how the "Employee Free Choice Act," supported by Sen. Obama, will
impose especially large burdens on small businesses – a fact at odds
with Sen. Obama’s pledge to promote such enterprises ("A Labor Dilemma
for President Bam
," Oct. 21).  By raising employers’ costs of hiring
American workers, this Act will also increase off-shoring, another
phenomenon that Sen. Obama loudly deplores.

The general lesson
here is that politicians are akin to faith-healers.  Both pose as
wizards; they use enchanting words to push crackpot potions.  The
faith-healer dupes his customers into believing that he will suspend
medical reality; the politician dupes voters into believing that he
will suspend economic reality.  Both are frauds.

Donald J. Boudreaux