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Five Dollar Book Club Update

I want to thank the following people who made donations to the Five Dollar Book Club.

Ken Bergren
William Dennis
Gerard Dericks
Bill Hesson
Joe Liemandt
Josiah Neeley
Patrick and Alicia Noone
Bailey Norwood
Nicole Perrin
Eric Sweeney
Hubertus and Katrin Van Der Vaart

I would like to make a small change in the informal rules of the Club. I will use the funds to purchase books that I will either give away or sell for $5 to people who I see as people with the potential to influence others. So yesterday, I sold 71 books to a group of high school economics teachers at a conference. When I sell the books, I will use the proceeds to make a donation to scholarships for graduate students at George Mason. I’d also like your permission to use the funds toward other forms of economic education as I see fit. I’m adding this last part because right now I have more funds than books to buy and give away.

These are informal rules. It’s all on the honor system and I’ll do the best I can to keep track of expenditures and activities without being a foundation.

If you sent me a check, I haven’t cashed it yet. Nor have I sent out any books to those who were generous enough (thank you thank you). I wanted to make it clear what the new "rules" are and to make sure you’re OK with that.  So if you’re on the above list, let me know if the new rules are OK. Email me at Roberts, then the at sign, then gmu.edu.

If you want your check back, let me know.

The Club is now closed for the time being. I have plenty of money for a while.

Thanks again to all those who donated.