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Please vote

A reminder to please vote for EconTalk at the Weblog Awards. Yes, we’re in the lead, but our percentage is shrinking. In past years we have been in the lead or near it only to see our competitors crush us in the end. Last year, for example, the winner received over 6000 votes, well above our current projection. Most of the winning votes came in the last day or two.

So please vote every day until the 13th. Voting every day seems weird but that is the way internet voting works and it’s not a bad idea. This isn’t a national election where people all know about the election and vote once. People find out about the election sporadically, otherwise, we’d already be declared the winner. More interestingly, voting every day for a week is a way of giving people seven votes. You can use all of those seven for EconTalk if you’re passionate about EconTalk. Or you can vote once. Or you can vote five times for EconTalk and twice for another choice. Multiple votes are a way to let voting reflect intensity rather than just yes or no. So if you like EconTalk, please vote.