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Stopping the Stimulus

I have started asking people I encounter whether they think government spending a trillion or so extra dollars is going to be good for the economy. The front desk clerk at my hotel—a marketing major—gave me a very honest, "I don't know." The other four people I asked, all under the ago of 30, said they thought it wouldn't help. My favorite response: They wasted the other money [me: a reference to the TARP, I think]. Why will this be any different."

I encourage you to start asking people. Do you think the stimulus will help? Ask without malice. Without sarcasm. Without an edge. Pure curiosity. See what they say. I think most people are very skeptical. The people in favor of this plan are some economists (calling Bryan Caplan), governors in states that are broke, and the politicians who will spend the money.

Maybe it can be stopped if enough people think it's a waste.

I have an idea on how to proceed. In the meanwhile, start asking and educating.


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