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Irony isn't a strong enough word

From the New York Times:

Under the photo it says:

Representative Barney Frank was among the politicians charged with creating legislation to recoup the bonus money at A.I.G.

This is the same Barney Frank who has been the champion of Fannie and Freddie, the opponent of keeping too much of an eye on Fannie and Freddie, the champion of their solvency when they were, in fact, insolvent, the champion of bailing them out, the champion of increasing home ownership rates with other people's money. Is it not strange that this man is now involved in trying to stop AIG from paying bonuses with money he has voted for them to have and money that is being spent partly because of policies he relentlessly pursued?

Grassley wants AIG execs to kill themselves. I'd settle for an apology from Frank followed by resignation.