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Surely the Answer is "Of Course"

Here's a letter that I sent on March 2nd to the Washington Times:

Dear Editor:

The Dow fell
another 300 points today ("Dow plunges nearly 300 to close below
6,800," March 2).  This fact means that the Dow is now down 41 percent
since the first trading day in September (the month in which the Bush
administration and the Fed shifted wildly into a mad mode of bailouts,
"stimulus," and money creation), down 30 percent since Barack Obama's
election, and down 15 percent since Mr. Obama took office.

really knows why?  But paraphrasing a question asked by my colleague
Bryan Caplan
, at the blog EconLog, I ask: If laissez-faire policies
had been the order of the day since early September, would not
politicians, pundits, and "progressive" preachers be unified in their
angry assurance that such a decline was caused by the free market?  And would not these same persons insist that this steep decline would have been avoided had only Uncle Sam bailed firms out and
stimulated the economy with goo-gobs more spending and faster
money-supply growth?

Donald J. Boudreaux