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As an American Economist, I Resent Imports of Economic Advice from Abroad

Here’s an e-mail that I received earlier today, followed by my response:

– quote –

members of America’s political, economic, academic and media elites
would have supported globalization if they personally feared losing own

jobs to those working from abroad for 90% less pay”

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Melbourne, Australia


28 April 2009

TO: Whoever Is Responsible for www.ssotu.com

FROM: Don Boudreaux

your e-mail, and associated link, sent to me here in the United States asserting that globalization is de-industrializing America.

I ignore the river of factual errors, misleading definitions, and theoretical misunderstandings that saturate your ‘analysis.’  I content myself merely to ask how you – who so ferociously oppose globalization and low-cost foreign suppliers – justify yourself exporting, to America, your advice (free!) and your website (also free!) from your home in Australia?