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Big Media

Here's a letter that I sent several days ago to a member of Big Media:

27 March 2009

Editor, The New York Times
620 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10018

To the Editor:

headline about New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand reads "As New Lawyer,
Senator Defended Big Tobacco
" (March 27).  I ask: Are you capable of
writing "tobacco" without prefacing it with the word "big"?  Similarly,
can you write "oil" without the same ominous preface?

These industries indeed are big, but each is a dwarf compared to Uncle Sam.

why do you not routinely describe government as "big government"?  The
menacing overtones of such a description are especially appropriate for
the state because, unlike "big tobacco" and "big oil," government uses
violence against persons who refuse to fund its budget and otherwise do
its bidding.

Donald J. Boudreaux


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