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Moral Sentiments Book Club schedule

Just a heads up to anyone interested in the EconTalk book club on The Theory of Moral Sentiments. On April 15th, we'll release the discussion of Part I of the book. On April 22, we discuss Part II. We expect to do two more podcasts after that discussing Parts III through VI. (Not sure we're going to say much about Part VII, Smith's overview of other systems other than what we discussed in the intro/overview podcast.) Not sure how we'll divide up the Parts between those two–we're going to be a little flexible and see what happens.

Bottom line–if you're interested in reading along, basically you'll want to get to Part I by April 15 and try to finish the whole book by May 6.

If you don't have time to read along, you will still get a lot out of the discussions if the topics and ideas are your cup of tea. Dan and I recorded two podcasts yesterday. Basically, Dan goes through Smith's arguments very systematically and we talk about them. It was a lot of fun and look forward to keeping a conversation going in the comments section to each podcast as we release them.