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Tyranny in a Sentence

Here's one of the scariest lines that I've read in a long, long time.  It's from Michael Copps, Interim Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, uttered back in February:

“If markets cannot produce what society really cares about, like a
media that reflects the true diversity and spirit of our country, then
government has a legitimate role to play."

Mr. Copps apparently can divine "what society really cares about" from his armchair or from his big, tall chairman's seat at the F.C.C.

What Mr. Copps's statement amounts to in practice, of course, is the following:

If market do not produce what I really care about — what I judge to be acceptable — then government under the control of myself and of my friends (or at least of people who think like me) must force suppliers and consumers to behave as I wish them to behave.

(HT Roger Meiners.)


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