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Saw Arcadia, Tom Stoppard's play, last night at the Folger here in DC.

It's my favorite play written in the last 30 or 40 years. Maybe in the 20th century. Maybe ever.

It's laugh out loud funny. It will break your heart. Stoppard has profound and eloquent things to say about science vs. the humanities, the ambiguity of history, the pettiness of academia, and the sources of our deepest satisfactions in life. It's also about sex, chaos theory, free will vs. determinism, and how the way we view the world encourages us to shape our physical environment. It's about love and loyalty, dreams and curiosity.

It's here in DC till June 21.

If anyone out there knows anyone who knows anyone who knows him, please let me know. Would love to interview him for EconTalk.