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I Don’t Want Those People to Have a Say in How I Live My Life

Here’s a letter that I sent yesterday to the Detroit Free Press:

28 June 2009

Editor, Detroit Free Press

Dear Editor:

Mitch Albom is correct that “We’re wacko in how we view Jacko” (June 28).  But not all of us are wacko.  I, for one, am no more touched by Mr. Jackson’s death than I am by the death of any of the thousands of other Americans who died last week, all of whom – like Mr. Jackson – are strangers to me and to the vast majority of people now so self-indulgently and flamboyantly grieving for a man they never met.

Americans’ proclivity to mass hysteria causes me to want government to have as little power as possible.  I neither can nor wish to stop other persons from doing with their lives as they wish.  But I also damn sure despise the fact that, through their votes, so many persons prone to such childish sentiments and displays have a say in how I lead my life.

Donald J. Boudreaux


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