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Stupid Cult of Political Personality

Here's a letter that I sent today to the New York Times:

Maureen Dowd wants
President Obama to display his healthy, low-fat eating habits more
publicly ("Hold the Fries," June 17).  The idea is that Our Leader's
ostentatious display of his preferred diet will inspire ordinary
Americans to eat better.

What has become of Americans?  How
different are we now from Louis XIV's French subjects who gazed in awe
upon him at his table?  And are we so childish that our dietary choices
are directed by political celebrities?

If we Americans are
indeed such mindless lemmings as Ms. Dowd assumes, I'd prefer that
Pres. Obama spend lots of time being filmed gobbling Big Macs while,
between bites, insisting that each of us
take control of our own individual lives and that we would do well to
reject the stupid cult of celebrity that now surrounds high government

Donald J. Boudreaux