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Marginalized Nobel Laureates

Thought this story from Newsweek on Soros’s new economics/policy enterprising was unintentionally amusing:

Now financier George Soros is announcing a $50 million effort to speed things along. This week Soros is gathering some of the leading practitioners of the market-skeptic school, who were marginalized during the era of “free-market fundamentalism,” among them Nobelists Joseph Stiglitz, George Akerlof, Michael Spence, and Sir James Mirrlees.

Those poor marginalized Nobel Laureates. No one paid any attention to them. They were relegated to second and third tier universities such as Princeton and Stanford and UC-Berkeley.

Unthoughtful people blame anything that went wrong in the last 30 years on Reagan and Milton Friedman because as everyone knows, they were running America. In Europe, it was Thatcher and Adam Smith or Thatcher and Hayek or someone else.


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