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Drafty Ethics

Here’s a letter that I sent earlier today to the Boston Globe:

Barry Brodsky asserts that military conscription is “just and honorable” (Letters, Dec. 6).

Really?  Forcing young men and women to fight against their will is “just”?  Confiscating several years of their lives by coercing them to serve the state is “honorable”?

Also, is it really “political cowardice” to reject a system in which people are rounded up and pressed into “service”?

More questions: Does Mr. Brodsky think it unjust and dishonorable that firefighting and policing are performed only by persons who choose to enter these professions?  And does he suppose that the quality of firefighting and policing would improve if these tasks were entrusted to persons who must be coerced into performing them?

Donald J. Boudreaux


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