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Travel haikus

Just went through horrendous travel via Amtrak to be part of the Keynes/Hayek rap video filming in New York. I felt like I was in a reality TV version of Atlas Shrugged. I love the train. Amtrak, not so much. They don’t really have a system to deal with delays and weather issues. Which is bizarre in the northeast corridor given that they have numerous trains going all day long in both directions. So my 3 pm train left at 6:30. I wasn’t allowed to use my ticket on the 3:30 train which left on time. Weird. But others could, because their trains were officially cancelled. Sitting in Penn Station on the floor for four hours is not my idea of fun. I wasn’t alone. There were a lot of angry people.

As I came through Union Station at 10 pm last night, I noticed a great slogan on a poster promoting train travel, The Road Less Frazzled. It didn’t quite work out that way for me this time so I wrote two haikus:


The road less frazzled?

Coming and going I heard

Many f-bombs dropped

Pretty good. But missing a reference to nature or the seasons and the last line is a bit ugly. I like this one better:


New York train travel

Oaths and curses like wild geese

Winter can be harsh