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Yoga Bearish

The Richmond Times-Dispatch‘s outstanding columnist and blogger Bart Hinkle wrote today on Virginia’s quest to regulate yoga instructors — and on the valiant effort of the Institute for Justice to stop such officious interference.

Note from this passage in Hinkle’s column the unbridled arrogance of the pro-regulation crowd:

In fact, The Washington Post reports, “yoga teacher training first hit the state’s radar late last year after a state employee conducting school audits happened upon an advertisement, [according to] Linda Woodley, [SCHEV’s] director of private and out-of-state postsecondary education . . . .Woodley says it’s about ensuring that students who plunk down cash for training programs that can run a few thousand dollars are getting their money’s worth.”

Riiigghhht…..  It’s not like each paying customer, himself or herself, is capable of performing such an assessment.

Here’s the Institute for Justice’s Web Release on the matter.