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I’m not one either, but…

Mark Thoma quotes Bruce Bartlett who quotes a poll that shows Republicans are crazy. They think that Obama should be impeached, ACORN stole the 2008 election and other implausible or ugly “partisan” views. According to the poll,  24% of Republicans think OBama wants the terrorists to win. Another 33% aren’t sure if he does or not. Frightening.

Bartlett looks at the poll and says he’s glad he’s not a Republican. Thoma concludes:

No comment — this speaks for itself. But it is clear that this group is never going to participate in or even support a bi-partisan effort to solve our problems. A few of the moderates might listen politely, but the base has spoken and the Party of No is not going away.

Could be. But it’s a Daily Kos poll. Do you think maybe, just maybe, they wanted to find out that Republicans are partisan crazies?