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Here’s a letter that I sent to the Boston Globe:

James Carroll’s remembrance of Howard Zinn is nicely done (“Zinn’s life was a testament to possibility,” Feb. 1).  But it should be pointed out that Zinn’s healthy refusal to take at face value the many popular justifications for war sat quite uneasily with his eagerness to accept at face value the many popular justifications for government intrusions into the economy.

Were Zinn still alive, I would ask him why the very same government that he believes scurrilously, cold-bloodedly, and deceptively sends young people off to die in unjustified wars is to be trusted on the home front with the task of rearranging America’s own economy and society.

Seems to me that an evil brute pointing guns at foreigners remains an evil brute when he turns ’round to point those guns at fellow citizens.

Donald J. Boudreaux

Of course, many conservatives are equally inconsistent, save in the opposite direction.