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by Don Boudreaux on March 31, 2010

in Food and Drink, Health, History, Immigration, Standard of Living, Taxes, Technology, Weblogs

CEI’s Alex Nowrasteh and Ryan Young (both products of GMU Economics, by the way) argue, in the Detroit News, that Uncle Sam should liberalize immigration rules.

Great new blog: The Lesson Applied.

Progress. (HT Chris Cuilla)

Dan Mitchell on the virtues of a flat tax.

In the Washington Times, Greg Kaza reviews a book whose authors try to deconstruct “neo-liberalism.”  (HT Leonard Liggio)

Division of Labour’s Frank Stephenson points to interesting research on the economic effects of emergency-room visits by the uninsured.

And, finally, Israel is cursed with its own version of Chuck Schumer. (HT Mike LaFaive)


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