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Some Links

Bob Higgs, here and here, disabuses anyone with open eyes of the notion that a mania for laissez faire swept the USA over the past thirty years.

And here, Scott Horton interviews Bob Higgs on Antiwar Radio about the current economic crisis.

Tibor Machan discusses medical-care ‘rights.’

Tony Blankley sees socialism – or what the translated Tocqueville called “soft despotism” – dividing America.  (HT Lyle Albaugh)

Nelson Schwartz, writing in the New York Times, has some nice things to say about speculators.  (HT Peter Minowitz)

And, on (much) lighter notes: This chart (done in 2000) comparing Salma Hayek to F.A.  (HT John Farrier)  And this evidence of competition (from Carpe Diem’s Mark Perry).


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