Tragedies Play Out According to Their Internal Logic

by Don Boudreaux on March 1, 2010

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Mark Steyn’s “Our Own Greek Tragedy” is a masterpiece of prose and wisdom.  To whet your appetite:

We hard-hearted, small-government guys are often damned as selfish types who care nothing for the general welfare. But, as the Greek protests make plain, nothing makes an individual more selfish than the socially equitable communitarianism of big government. Once a chap’s enjoying the fruits of government health care, government-paid vacation, government-funded early retirement, and all the rest, he couldn’t give a hoot about the general societal interest. He’s got his, and to hell with everyone else. People’s sense of entitlement endures long after the entitlement has ceased to make sense.

(HT Colin at To Get Rich is Glorious)


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