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Pity the Virgins

Bob Beckel and Cal Thomas wonder why politics is uglier today than in the past.

One reason is that with fewer and fewer constitutional restraints on the exercise of Uncle Sam’s power, struggles among politicians and interest-groups to get that awesome power – and struggles by ordinary people for protection from that power – grow more intense.

Politicians and interest-groups use the state to further their own narrow goals.  And in this greedy quest they are cheered on unwittingly by intellectuals whose blind “Progressive” faith assures them that pretty words in a statute book combined with Smart and Caring Public Servants working away in the capital city are both necessary and sufficient to cure society of all real and imaginary ailments.

I suspect that Tea Partiers – whatever their flaws and internal differences – at least understand that this “Progressive” faith is as laughable as was the faith cherished by some primitive tribes that the way to appease angry gods was to hurl virgins into volcanoes.

Because it’s insulting, degrading, and dangerous to be ruled by the primitivism that calls itself “Progressivism,” sensible people react harshly when, as now, that primitivism gains ground.

UPDATE: Our friend Pietro Poggi-Corradini sent this clip from Madagascar 2.


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