In today’s Washington Post, Sebastian Mallaby argues that the S.E.C.’s case against Goldman Sachs is quite weak.

Peter Wallison nicely dissects the Dodd bill.

Clay Broga’s new video on Uncle Sam’s incontinent spending.  (Although I told Clay – and he agrees – that the part about shrinking household income is a bit misleading because the average number of people in households is decreasing.  Clay did not at all intend to mislead, of course.)

Former GMU student Steve Horwitz tells the parable of the sooty window.

The Cato Institute will host Institute for Justice attorney Scott Bullock and others in a luncheon event on the travesty that is civil asset forfeiture.

Casey Lartigue’s Earth Day 2010 thought is “There are too many people who think there are too many people.

Finally, Ross Kaminsky isn’t pleased with Our Leaders’ arrogance.


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