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Stop the Bullies!

Here’s a letter sent recently to Mr. Daryl Presgraves of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network:

Dear Mr. Presgraves:

Thanks for your e-mail encouraging me to use my blog to promote your organization’s “Day of Silence” aimed at protesting bullying.

I support your efforts.  It’s despicable whenever anyone harasses other people because of their sexual preferences.  All peaceful, consensual conduct among adults is the business only of those adults.  Bigoted busybodies who intrude upon such consensual relationships truly are bullies who are not to be tolerated.

So I trust that you support my efforts to tame the bullies on Pennsylvania Avenue.  From the White House to Capitol Hill, bullying has become a national disgrace.

Every American will now be bullied into buying health insurance – an instance of browbeating that is only the latest in a long list of obnoxious offenses.  We are bullied by protectionists who force us to pay tariffs to buy foreign goods; bullied by environmentalists who prevent us from buying large toilet tanks and who oblige us to use costly gasoline containing ethanol; bullied by bureaucrats and farmers who demand that we pay above-market prices for sugar and citrus fruits; bullied by police officers whenever we ingest substances that aren’t officially approved; bullied into forking over money to politically powerful corporations such as G.M. and AIG; bullied by Census workers demanding that we answer questions about many intimate matters.

Bullying truly is an outrage.  I applaud, and join in, your efforts to stop it.

Donald J. Boudreaux


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