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I Wonder If Prof. Sunstein Routinely Co-Teaches with Richard Epstein

Here’s yet more evidence of the fetish for force that possesses non-classical-liberals and non-libertarians.  In this radio interview, Cass Sunstein – now head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs – reveals his utter lack of interest in upholding the letter and the spirit of First-amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

(HT GMU student Adam Bitely)

If Sunstein had his way, refusals by websites that contain political commentary to ‘voluntarily’ supply ready access to sites offering views from ‘the other side’ would justify Congress mandating such access.

Forget for a moment the enormous practical problems such a mandate raises.  (What, for example, is ‘the other side’ of the libertarian case for ending the war on drugs?  A Bill O’Reilly column on how increased drug use will lead to more innocent people being killed by motorists high on pot?  Or a Huffington Post essay on how individuals are simply too dumb to decide for themselves what they should and shouldn’t ingest?)  Instead, simply ask: what accounts for this knee-jerk call for force?