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Open Letter to Paul Krugman

Dear Prof. Krugman:

In your May 14 blog-post “Why Libertarianism Doesn’t Work, Part N” you attempt to tar libertarianism as being an ideology that “requires incorruptible politicians.”

You’re deeply confused.  One foundation of libertarianism is the observation that no profession is as infested with corruption as is politics.

The political ideology dependent upon politicians being wise and saintly isn’t libertarianism but, rather, your own – namely, “Progressivism.”  You and your ilk unceasingly plead for politicians to be entrusted with ever-more power and money, while libertarians – understanding that politicians aren’t the saints that you presume them to be – oppose your efforts.

Your accusing libertarianism of requiring “incorruptible politicians” makes as much sense as a faith-healer accusing science-based medicine of requiring flawlessly effective witch-doctors.

Donald J. Boudreaux

(Here’s David Boaz’s response to Krugman.  HT Colin77)