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The best line of the day is from George Will’s Washington Post column:

It is difficult, and perhaps unwise, to suppress this thought: [Gen. Stanley] McChrystal’s disrespectful flippancies, and the chorus of equally disdainful comments from the unpleasant subordinates he has chosen to have around him, emanate from the toxic conditions that result when the military’s can-do culture collides with a cannot-be-done assignment. In this toxicity, Afghanistan is Vietnam redux.

At Forbes.com, Shikha Dalmia pens important points about the BP oil spill and proposed responses to it.

Writing at the Christian Science Monitor, Bob Higgs helps explain why “more government spending” is a simplistic ‘solution’ to recessions.

In this short video, the Wall Street Journal‘s Mary Anastasia O’Grady and Steve Moore discuss a sad topic: higher taxes.

In the Washington Times, Temba Nolutshungu explains why the ban on DDT hurts innocent Africans.

My former GMU student Fletcher Mangum applauds Wal-Mart.

The Institute for Justice has a new blog devoted to defending the First Amendment.  Check it out frequently.


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