PERC’s Terry Anderson – an incredibly creative and insightful economist and economic historian – explains in today’s Wall Street Journal that it’s safer to drill “in ‘the backyard.'”  Here’s a key ‘graf:

When kids play baseball, there is a risk that windows will get broken. Playing on baseball fields rather than in sand lots, however, lowers the risk considerably. Putting so much onshore land off limits to oil and gas development is like closing baseball parks. More windows will be broken and more blowouts result where they are difficult to prevent and stop.

The Pacific Legal Foundation has a new blog – the PLF Liberty Blog.  Check it out!

Steve Hanke offers Beijing some sound advice regarding exchange rates.

NYU economist Mario Rizzo offers some assessment of the oil spill now still gushing forth in the gulf.

In this excellent video – just over six minutes long – Reason’s Ted Balaker explains (with help from Lotta Stern and my GMU colleague Dan Klein) why Sweden offers no good economic model for America.

Finally, my former research assistant, Mark Perry, highlights Jonah Goldberg’s explanation that the standard of living even of America’s poor has skyrocketed.


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