Former Securities & Exchange Commission commissioner Paul Atkins recently published two essays worthy of careful reading.  This one is at; this one is at the Wall Street Journal.

Here’s the final entry of my three-part series, in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, analogizing the economy to a huge jigsaw puzzle.  (The nature of the analogy changed somewhat from essay one to essay three; still, I believe that insight can be gained by pondering this analogy.)

This new paper by Andreas Hatzigeorgiou – on migration as a facilitator of trade – is quite interesting.

The Boston Globe‘s Jeff Jacoby explains why LeBron James chose to play in Miami rather than move to New York or remain in Cleveland.

Paul Jacob applies common sense to highlight an instance of ‘localism’ gone berzerk.

Carpe Diem’s Mark Perry is justly upset about farm-subsidy inequality!

The Wall Street Journal‘s Mary Anastasia O’Grady makes Oliver Stone – without even mentioning his name – look even more foolish and gullible.

Where do libertarians belong?  This conversation, from Reason, between Jonah Goldberg, Matt Kibbe, and Brink Lindsey is entertaining and enlightening.


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