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by Don Boudreaux on August 15, 2010

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Amity Shlaes explains that “lousy lawmakers, not low taxes, created fiscal woes.” (HT James McClure)

Boston Globe conservative-libertarian columnist Jeff Jacoby supports birthright citizenship in America.  Here’s his ringing conclusion:

The immigration debates may churn, but about this much the Constitution is unequivocal: Anyone born in America is an American. Our nation has been enriched — not “overrun” — because of birthright citizenship. The 19th-century nativists who feared otherwise were wrong. Their intellectual heirs today are, too.

I hope that Alan Greenspan follows John Stossel’s advice.

Maxing-out the race card.  (HT Lyle Albaugh and Mike Munger)

Greg Mankiw – citing research by Casey Mulligan – offers a challenge to “extreme Keynesians.”

Here’s EconLog’s David Henderson writing on Dean Baker.


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