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Temper, Temper….

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson says that Americans are now throwing a “temper tantrum.”  The ungrateful imps are impatient: “They want somebody to make it all better.  Now.”

Memo to Mr. Robinson: the popular uprising against Pres. Obama and his “Progressive” comrades has little to do with childish impatience.

Tea Partiers aren’t upset because Obamacare hasn’t worked its miracles yet; they’re upset because they believe that Obamacare will create inordinately burdensome costs and other ills in the future.  Stimulus opponents aren’t up-in-arms because the economy isn’t “all better” already; they’re up-in-arms because they worry about the high debt burden and inflation that today’s stimulus makes more likely tomorrow.  Conservatives and libertarians don’t object to the Wall Street and Detroit bailouts so much because these actions cost money now; they object chiefly because they know that these actions will encourage large firms to behave more recklessly in the future.

Correctly or not, many persons’ hostilities to Pres. Obama’s agenda spring from their sense that ill-tidings loom over the horizon rather than from a juvenile disillusionment that Americans are not yet feasting on the sweet candies promised by Team Obama-Pelosi.

(HT Greg Andreassian)


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