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Some Links

If you read nothing else today, read Jeff Jacoby’s column in today’s Boston Globe.

Here’s a great paragraph:

Greenery, as a secular religion, has come to dominate not just the curriculum, but the imagination. It’s Blue Peter‘s recycled bottle tops on a grand scale: lessons on the dangers of global warming, projects on endangered species, litter-picking exercises. As any parent will testify, pester power is as often employed these days to guilt Dad into separating out the recyclables as to beg for the latest Transformer. Colleagues who have suffered their children’s eco-scorn assure me that no member of the Inquisition was ever so ruthless, ever so certain of his faith, as their tiny Torquemadas.

John Stossel doesn’t believe in witch-doctery.

Here’s an interesting interview with economist Laurence Meyer.

Alex Tabarrok flags an early instance of nudging.

How to balance Uncle Sam’s budget without raising taxes.  Cato’s Dan Mitchell explains.