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Government failure

Michael Rizzo over at Unbroken Windows hits a home run with this post on health care (HT: Arnold Kling at EconLog). Rizzo writes:

For a federal government to spend $3.5 trillion per year and still find itself with this health care crisis is so much more inexcusable than arguing that “society is so rich that we should trade off some efficiency for some equity.” What the heck are we doing with $3.5 trillion (or $6 trillion if you add all levels of government)? The US government (all levels) has 20% more resources itself than the largest economy in the world does yet it cannot take care of health care for the poor and chronically infirm? Where on the list of priorities must this really be? Is it ahead of mohair subsidies, sugar subsidies, windmill subsidies, funding for education schools, and so on? What kind of bizarre world am I living in? And I am being asked to sacrifice a little more just to see that we’ll get it right this time?

A few months back, I wrote something similar:

The crisis of government in America is that it does too many things badly instead of doing a few things well.

But Rizzo says it better than I did. Read the whole thing.