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Poster Contest

Christopher Bauer sent me this wonderful poster he created:

The photo in the background is a picture of the Ryugyong Hotel, a North Korean monstrosity. Very nice idea for illustrating the Hayek quote. Chris was looking for a photo he could use with permission and found this one.

I love what Chris did. But maybe you can do better. So let’s have a contest for the best poster design that uses the Hayek quote with an illustration that you create or use with permission. So the illustration must be free of any copyright issues. The deadline for submission is December 10, roughly a month for now. Send entries to my email address russroberts at gmail.com.

The top three entries will receive an autographed hardcover copy of my book, The Price of Everything (or The Invisible Heart or The Choice if you prefer), and will have their entry honored here at the Cafe. Entries will be judged by me using my own idiosyncratic view of aesthetics, elegance, simplicity, and cleverness. And I reserve the right to choose fewer than three winners.