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A big man and a little man

Here are two videos for Patriots fans and students of human effort. The first one you may have seen, which is Dan Connelly, officially listed at 313 pounds, running 71 yards on a kickoff return. Notice that once he gets going, he is holding the football vertically, point down, rather than cradling it. But watch him run at full speed. I guess the verb is rumbling. The second is a video of Danny Woodhead. Danny Woodhead is not just small. He did not just attend a small college. He is officially listed at 5-8 and 195 pounds. That’s what he’s listed at. He attended Chadron State. Not only is Chadron State not Oklahoma or USC. It’s a Division II school and I’ve never heard of it. The video (HT: Sports Illustrated) is a hidden camera of him posing as a Modell’s salesperson trying to sell his own jersey. He is 27 years old. He doesn’t look 27 and he certainly doesn’t look like a football player. The video is amusing. It’s worth it just to hear one customer pronounce Wes Welker the way someone from Boston should pronounce it.

Videos below the fold.

Here is the Connelly run:

Here is the Woodhead sales video:


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