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For the children?

Chris Van Hollen, my “representative” in Congress, makes the case for re-introducing the estate tax HT: National Journal):

With Washington Republicans sharpening their budget knives to cut spending on national priorities such as education, border security and public safety, it is hard to believe they think it’s wise to give a windfall to heirs such as Paris Hilton.

First, education is not a national priority. It’s my priority to take care of my four children. But more importantly, please Mr. Van Hollen, give me just the tiniest bit of evidence that your concern for education actually does something for the children, mine or anyone’s.

Paris Hilton is at least entertaining to millions of Americans. The money that Washington spends on education has little or no impact on the children Van Hollen purports to care about. The main beneficiaries of that spending are consultants and highly-paid school administrators. Let Paris have it.