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Hayek Poster Contest Winner

About a month ago I invited readers to illustrate the Hayek quote: “The curious task of economics is to illustrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.” The top three illustrations would receive a copy of one of my books.

I received a bunch of creative and interesting designs and comments. I want to thank Christopher Bauer, Kames Kirtley, Ray Galkowski, Niklas Blanchard, Mark Kobey, Kelly Markson, Peter Barber, Guillaume Nicoulaud, Moussa Madou, Lianglin, Matt Harmon, Jorge Gonzalez, Ashley Guajardo, Charley Deist, and Alister Smith. The winner is Jorge Gonzalez for this design:

I wish I could make it a little bigger without it spilling over into the sidebars. Maybe Jorge can help me. There are many things I like about this poster. Beautiful, creative illustration of a top-down approach that fails. I also like the type face he chose and the background which has the words from the quote embedded in it.

I’d like to do something with this–put it on a t-shirt or a coffee cup or print it as a poster. If anyone (Jorge?) knows how to do this, that would be lovely.

Honorable mention goes to Matt Harmon and Peter Barber. Matt’s illustration shows Paulson, Bernanke, and Geithner in the fall of 2008 making the case for TARP.

Peter Barber submitted a variety of posters for different Hayek quotes. I liked them all, but I was particularly taken by this one, though I don’t know if the photo is in the public domain. Peter, can you let me know?

Thanks to everyone for participating.