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Some Links

Here’s Frederic Bastiat’s great essay on “The Balance of Payments” – the essay in which Bastiat uses the reductio ad absurdum of sinking export-bearing cargo ships in the middle of the ocean.

Bill Easterly’s take (in today’s Washington Post) on John Lennon’s politics is far more developed and insightful than my own take.  (Speaking of the late, great Beatle, Russ shares with me this essay whose author argues persuasively that Lennon abandoned much of his jejune statism before he was killed – although, thankfully, not his opposition to war.)

I especially love (truly) the quotation from Sen. Judd Gregg in today’s column by Jeff Jacoby.

Tibor Machan is disgusted at envy of the rich.

Here’s Sven Wilson explain the extraordinariness of everyday life in modern market-oriented society.

In today’s New York Times, Tyler Cowen explains some unfortunate (unintended?) consequences of Obamacare.

Arnold Kling is no fan of monetary-disequilibrium theory.