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by Don Boudreaux on December 16, 2010

in Politics, Standard of Living, Taxes, Trade, War

John Stossel is a great consumer advocate!  Tune in tomorrow night to see why.

The Cato Institute will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dwight Eisenhower’s “military-industrial complex” warning.

Boston Herald columnist Michael Graham offers some facts about today’s taxes.

And here’s my colleague (and EconLog’s) Bryan Caplan on Bob Murphy on the recent tax deal.

Matt Ridley elaborates on Steve Landsburg’s criticism of Paul Krugman’s claim that protectionism can’t cause a depression depressed (and depressing) economic conditions. (I’ve updated the entry because I realize that what Steve Landsburg and Matt Ridley are talking about is depressing economic conditions, not necessarily underemployment equilibrium [or disequilibrium].  Unemployment might be near-zero in a dark-ages economy, but it’s still damnably depressing.)


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