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by Don Boudreaux on December 31, 2010

in Environment, Health, Monetary Policy, Myths and Fallacies, Reality Is Not Optional, Regulation, Trade, Weblogs

Congrats to our GMU colleagues Bryan Caplan, Tyler Cowen, and Alex Tabarrok (and to our adjunct colleague Arnold Kling) for receiving high praise from the Wall Street Journal on their blogging.  Much deserved!

My friend Maxim Lott highlights eight eco-catastrophe predictions gone wrong – giving us yet further reason to be skeptical of predictions of ecological doom.

George Selgin’s comments at Marginal Revolution are especially worthwhile reading.  (George should start blogging.  Hint, hint.)

Ross Kaminsky weighs in on the question of whether or not health care is a right.

My GMU colleague Walter Williams explains that free trade is fair trade.

In today’s Financial Times, our colleague Tom Hazlett pays a lovely tribute to the late Alfred Kahn.


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