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Dog Bites Man!

Here’s a letter to the Washington Post:

Your report “Corporate contributions have surged for new Republican leaders in House” (Jan. 22) is hardly news.

Golden-egg-laying geese are targeted for slaughter by hunters armed with big, bad bazookas.  Vultures who thrive by feasting on geese carcasses incessantly peck at these hunters, prodding them to keep blasting away at the geese.  The geese, for their part, try to save their skins by blinding the hunters with shiny golden eggs.

To add to the melee, some particularly greasy geese conspire with the vultures and hunters to arrange the massacre of other geese and to share the spoils.

The flock of geese thins.  The bazookas get bigger and badder.  The vultures, fatter than yesterday, circle.

And so it goes.

Donald J. Boudreaux