Bill Easterly ponders complexity and spontaneous order.

Paul Rubin reflects on deregulation.

The lessons to be learned from watching this marvelous six-minute video are too numerous to list.  (HT Roger Meiners)  For example: without the ability to outsource to Asia, how many companies that also operate factories in the U.S. would continue to operate factories in the U.S.?

Carpe Diem’s Mark Perry has more data on U.S. manufacturing.

John Stossel is skeptical that the newly resurgent GOP will actually do much good on the budgetary front.

Protectionist Ian Fletcher argues – sparked by something that I wrote – that libertarians are anti-American.  It’s an unintentionally hilarious essay.

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer very cogently explains why it’s sheer malarkey to believe that Obamacare is fiscally prudent.


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