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Some Links

My former colleague (from my five very happy years on the faculty at Clemson U.) Bruce Yandle, and my good friend Jody Lipford, evaluate the effect that NAFTA has had on Mexico’s environment.

George Will is a national treasure.  At this link you’ll find this wisdom-stuffed passage:

Those Americans who know which Republican will win next year’s Iowa caucuses can complain about those who did not know that when a Tunisian street vendor set himself on fire, he would set a region afire. From all other Americans, forbearance would be seemly.

It also would be amazing, because there is a cottage industry of Barack Obama critics who, not content with monitoring his myriad mistakes in domestic policies, insist that there must be a seamless connection of those with his foreign policy. Strangely, these critics, who correctly doubt the propriety and capacity of the U.S. government controlling our complex society, simultaneously fault the government for not having vast competence to shape the destinies of other societies.

The indispensable Mark Perry has some data on food prices in the U.S. of A.

Arnold Kling features the highlight’s of Peter Wallison’s dissent from the report of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.